Netizens find surprising info on South Korean president's hot bodyguard -- and his topless pics

Just when you think the hot bodyguard of South Korea's president Moon Jae-In cannot get any more perfect, he also has a smoking hot body to complement his handsome face.

Choi Young Jae, 36, had recently caused a buzz on social media when photos of him first emerged, thanks to his striking good looks.

Netizens being netizens, have managed to uncover other pictures of him, including those that show him topless and clad in Calvin Klein underwear.

There is more to Choi than just being easy on the eyes, however. He also has a pretty impressive resume to boot.

He told The Korea Times, "I am a graduate of the security service major at Yong In University and served Korea's Special Warfare Command as an officer for 10 years.

"I was awarded the honorary 11th-degree black belt in martial arts and was a military instructor of counter-terror attacks at the 707th unit in Korea's Special Warfare Command.

"I was dispatched to Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates and worked as a VIP guard and as an instructor of the high-altitude infiltration team there."

Further research shows that Choi is not a full-time bodyguard but in fact, a corporate businessman who is married with two daughters (sorry, ladies).

He added, "As one of the long-time supporters of President Moon, I volunteered to help accomplish his great cause to 'rebuild the country'."

Speaking of his newfound popularity and overnight fame, Choi said, "I feel good. But I'm also concerned about the spotlight and the attention focused on me.

"Attention should be paid to the President, not me. I don't want to steal the limelight."