South Korea has a new president? Netizens are more captivated by his hot bodyguard

Moon Jae-in was elected as South Korea's president on Tuesday (May 2) and has been all over the Internet -- but he is not the only one netizens are captivated with.

The Internet just cannot get over how hot his bodyguard is.

Twitter user Elena Yip tweeted photos of the bodyguard from a few angles with the caption: "Excuse me this is the new Korean president's bodyguard."

The tweet has garnered over 25,366 retweets and 56,774 likes from like minded individuals.

She challenged anyone to say that Asian men are not attractive after seeing him and people replied her tweet echoing her sentiments.

"He can guard me any day," wrote Cozy Spice.

"I need to become a problem for Korean security!" agreed Becca Eller.

According to Elite Daily, his name is Choi Young-jae and he is an ageless 36-year-old Korean god.