Malaysian man suspected of stealing from employer allegedly gets tortured and forced to swallow 'bullet-like' objects

A Malaysian man lodged a report alleging that his ex-employer had tortured him after he was suspected of stealing from him. 

The man cited that his torturer used inhumane methods -- binding him with ropes, beating him up and shocking him with a stun gun, reports The Star Online

During the traumatising ordeal, the victim claimed that he was forced to swallow several ‘bullet-like’ objects. 

Kluang OCPD Assistant Commissioner Mohammed Laham confirmed that an investigation had been launched on Thursday (Feb 16) at around 11pm.

Said ACP Mohammed:

“Police have arrested seven men, including the victim's employer, aged 22 to 42.”

The arrests were made at several locations in Johor Bahru and Kluang.

Several assets were also seized, including a Toyota Hilux, four mobile phones, two sling bags and a plastic bag containing ecstasy pills, as well as eight objects resembling bullets.  

He added that the case was being investigated under Section 324 and Section 342 of the Penal Code for intentionally causing hurt using a dangerous weapon.