Here's why celeb couple Karena Ng and Raymond Lam haven't seen each other in over a month

Celebrity couple Karena Ng and Raymond Lam have reportedly not seen each other in more than a month.

However, fans do not need to worry about a breakup.

The duo have tried to work through a long distance relationship with Raymond busy filming movie projects in Mainland China .

Karena herself only just returned to Hong Kong from Beijing and told reporters that she is looking forward to a good rest at home, reports Jayne Stars.

In an interview at a charity event on April 6, she said:

“He’s been in China all this time filming dramas. He was neither far nor near.” (How do you guys maintain your relationship?) “We send each other messages a lot, but there’s no time to really talk on the phone. He’s quite busy.” (Do you miss him?) “I’m used to it. It’s also good that I’m busy. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!”

When asked if marriage is on the cards soon, the 23-year-old admitted:

“I have to think about it very carefully. Life after marriage becomes very different. I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I’m ready to be someone’s wife yet.” (What’s missing then?) “My age and time. My thoughts about it will probably change in four to five years.” (Have you talked about this with Raymond?) “He knows, that’s why his schedule is fully booked until 2020. Very busy.” (Time for vacation?) “No time at all, that’s why I usually go with friends.” (Will you go with a male friend?) “If it’s with a group, yes, but not one on one, unless it’s with Tianyo Ma (馬天佑)."