Family of girl killed in China amusement park ride accident to get S$179,000 compensation

A 14-year-old girl, Gan Tian, was killed after she flung off a swing ride at an amusement park on (Feb 3) and her family will be compensated.

The girl's father signed an agreement on Zhaohua Park on Sat (Feb 4) to receive 870, 000 yuan (S$179,000).

Authorities mentioned that the girl's death was caused by a seatbelt on the ride which suddenly broke.

According to China Global Television Network (CGTN) via The Straits Times, the ride had passed an annual quality inspection barely two months ago.

However, park officers were found to be operating the amusement rides in an improper manner.

Gan Tian and her nine-year-old cousin had successfully bought tickets for A Journey In Space ride despite regulations which state that children under 12-year-old and below 120cm are not allowed on it.

Gan tian was thrown off her seat soon after the ride started and reportedly tried to grab the handrail but was thrown off the ride, smashing her body onto some railings before hitting the ground.

Footage taken by an onlooker showed the girl dangling from the ride by a limb for a few seconds.

The mentioned ride is also available in 18 other amusement parks across China and all of them have suspended operations indefinitely as investigation are still ongoing.