Chinese fugitive who killed young child and extorted parents turns himself in after 28 years on the run

A man who killed a 10-year-old boy and then tried to blackmail the victim's parents in 1988 went on the run and lived as a fugitive for 28 years... until now.

According to Shanghaiist, Fu Mou, now 49, confessed his crime to the police and revealed where he had hidden the boy's body due to 'unbearable guilt'.

Fu was 21 when he was desperately searching for money to build a new house, and decided to commit the murder after the child had accidentally walked into his home while playing outside.

He strangled the boy and buried his body under a nearby pigsty, before sending the victim's shoes and a ransom note demanding 8,800 yuan to his parents.

Fu fled before the police could apprehend him and spent the next 28 years living and working in various parts of China.

His confession has been devastating news for the boy's parents, who believed that their son was still alive and never stopped searching for him.