Elderly driver stops car due to heart disease, but gets dragged out and beaten by motorist in Malaysia

If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow, states an old Chinese proverb.

Despite being an old saying, it accurately describes this road rage incident in Malaysia, which has left netizens outraged.

Facebook user Poh Poh Tan made a post, stating how she spotted a car stopped in the middle of the road at Jalan Scotland at 3.45pm on Mar 15.

She was worried that it might be an elderly person behind the wheel, a hunch with turned out to be true.

A motorcycle with a rider and two pillion riders ended up crashing into the stationary car.

According to Tan, though all three men appeared to be fine after the accident, one of them dragged the elderly driver out of the car.

The man then reportedly bashed the uncle without hesitation, leaving him bleeding profusely.

Tan said she immediately got out of her vehicle to stop the man, who blamed the uncle for the collision as he had stopped his car in the middle of the road.

He claimed the accident had an injury on his leg, and demanded compensation from the elderly man.

When Tan offered to bring the elderly man to the hospital, the supposedly injured man got angry started cursing at her.

He then used his helmet to smash Tan's car windscreen.

The man was only stopped by two passers-by who intervened, and another kind man stepped forward to offer the bleeding man a towel.

At the hospital, Tan found out that the elderly man had a heart disease and suffered from high blood pressure, which was the reason why he stopped the car as his hands were shaking.

The uncle's son soon arrived at the hospital, and they lodged a police report about the incident.

Tan also found out that the uncle received multiple stitches on his nose.

The passers-by and Tan were rightfully commended by netizens for their behaviour.

As for the enraged man who hit the elderly man, one can only hope he is filled with regret after finding out the circumstances that caused the uncle to stop his car.