Elderly Burmese woman's last request before moving to old folks' home will break your heart

An elderly Burmese woman’s family decided to send her to an old folks’ home, and she agreed to do so without protest.

However, she did have one request for the staff of the old folks’ home: for her to bring a baby doll along with her as company.

According to Coconuts Yangon, the woman had stayed in a shelter in the family compound’s backyard, with the baby doll.

In a heartwrenching Facebook post, the old folks’ home that she was moved to said:

“Her family couldn’t look after her anymore and asked us to bring her to the villa. She never had a say in anything throughout her entire life. She always did and lived as she was told, so when the decision was made to send her to the villa, she accepted it without any complaints.

“She told our caretakers, ‘Just so you know, I can’t work anymore.’ We explained to her that she no longer had to work or take care of others, and it was time for her to live a life of being taken care of.

“She asked us if she could bring her companion baby, explaining ‘He doesn’t eat, and he’s always smiling.’ She was thrilled when we told her that she could bring him, and happily came with us to the villa.”

Comments on the post were outraged at the woman’s family for leaving her in the old folks’ home.

One comment read: “Only those whose parents have passed away know how lucky you are to get the opportunity to take care of your mother up to this age. I’m amazed at what kind of person can just desert their mother like this.”