Chinese woman passes out and falls off subway platform in New York, straight into path of oncoming train

25-year-old Sophie Yu was waiting for her train to arrive last Wednesday (Mar 8), when she suddenly passed out and fell onto the tracks right as the train pulled in.

While she survived the ordeal, she lost her right arm and her right leg in the process.

Sophie was waiting for her train at New York City’s 51st St. and Lexington Ave. station when she fainted and fell onto the tracks, straight into the path of an oncoming train.

The motorman of the train saw her fall, but was unable to stop the train in time, reported New York Daily News.

According to the police via New York Daily News, Sophie lost her right leg below the knee and her right arm below the elbow.

She regained consciousness and remained conscious as emergency responders arrived to the scene. Passengers on board the train were evacuated, while Sophie was brought to Bellevue Hospital in critical but stable condition,

Sophie’s parents were reported to have immediately flown to the US from China upon hearing the news.