Cambodian girl's face destroyed by flesh-eating bacteria after visiting dentist

A minor tooth removal procedure for 18-year-old Cambodian Suth Ret turned into a major nightmare after she was infected by ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria, which has damaged her face severely.

Suth was infected by necrotising fasciitis, also ‘commonly known as flesh-eating disease’. The infection destroys the body’s soft tissue, and usually enters the body through a cut or burn.

The infection developed in her throat following her dental procedure, reported TheLADbible, before entering her bloodstream and eating away at the skin on her face.

Her weight dropped drastically as she was unable to eat, and she was rushed to hospital last week.

A Canadian expat staying in the same village as Suth heard about her plight and offered assistance.

The expat, Yulia Khouri, said:

"Once I saw her there was nothing else I could do but help."

"She had been fully aware, fully conscious through all of this but she doesn't know the extent of the damage to her face.

"She was 100 percent healthy three months ago. She was just sneezing and now she has no face."

A team of German facial reconstruction surgeons, as well as a Malaysian expert in the field, then visited Suth in hospital.

According to Yulia, Suth is now in stable condition and funds are being raised to aid her recovery.