Courier shouts vulgarity at shocked Malaysian man -- but not out of hostility

A Malaysian man, Juz experienced an awkward moment when a courier shouted a vulgar term at him, not realising that the recipient’s name on his parcel was deliberately tweaked to sound like the explicit word.

According to Juz, this was the work of his friend who had decided to play a trick on him, and the delivery man, not understanding Chinese, had understandably shouted ‘MCB’, reports World of Buzz

Jus took to his Facebook page to share about the incident:

“Yesterday, I heard someone yelling ‘MCB’ (Chinese vulgar words) outside my house.

“I thought it was my next door neighbours arguing, so I didn’t bother about it.

“Then the guy yelled even louder after that.

“Feeling uneasy, I went to check it out.

“When he saw me coming out, he asked me:’Hello. Ma J* Bai ada di rumah tak?’ which roughly translates to ‘Are you Ma J* Bai?’

“At first I was wondering why he scolded me ‘MCB’, but then I realised that he was just calling out the name written on a parcel someone sent me.

“Holding back my laugh, I went to verify my name with him.”

After making sure that it was his address on the parcel, Juz accepted the package.

Upon opening it, he found a bottle of pearl cream. 

Said Juz in disbelief:

“To the person who sent me this item, thanks for putting up such a beautiful name on the parcel.”

The incident has tickled the funny bones of many netizens and inspired many pranksters,

Said a netizen:

"This is an awesome new prank!

"I must try it on my friends soon!”