Chinese loansharks slap female debtor's face with private parts, gets stabbed by enraged son

A 22-year-old youth from Shandong, China attacked 11 loansharks with a fruit knife on Apr 14 last year (2016), killing one and injuring three others, after the men humiliated his mother -- by slapping her in the face with their private parts.

The youth was sentenced to a life imprisonment last month, but the verdict on the matter has incited strong reactions from the public, many of whom disagree fervently, citing that he had killed to protect his mother or in self-defence, reports Lianhe Wanbao

In light of this, the authorities has vowed to review the case, and would investigate whether police officers had been negligent in carrying out their duties.

The incident reportedly started after the youth saw his mother getting slapped in the face by the loansharks, using their private parts.

They also dunked her head into a toilet bowl.

What’s worse was that police officers who had arrived at the scene left without doing anything. 

The youth, in a panic, attacked the gang with a fruit knife, killing one and injuring three others.

When the case was reviewed in court, the prosecutors did not mention the part about the officers doing nothing, nor did they bring up the part about the men humiliating the accused’s mother. 

After the incident became scrutinised due to the media, many members of the public were enraged, and over a billion netizens have left comments online, with many scolding the judge for being ‘coldblooded’ and ‘inhumane’. 

Chinese bureaucrats have also issued formal statements, stating that they hope that the case would be reviewed and justice served. 

Against the deluge of complaints and criticism, the court and the Shandong police have announced on Tuesday (Mar 28) that they would be intervening with the verdict as well. 

According to the Chinese media, the accused’s mother had borrowed from loansharks about RMB 1,000,000 (S$210,000) in Jul 2016, and although she has since paid back about RMB 1,800,000 and even handed over the deed of her house, she still owed about RMB 170,000 due to the exorbitant interest rates. 

The loansharks were violent, and the accused’s family had tried pleading for help from the police and even the mayor many times, but to no avail.