Loanshark attempts to scam Stomper by threatening to rape him and kill his family

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A Stomper received threatening messages from a 'loanshark' accusing him of owing money yesterday (September 17).

According to the Stomper, he had previously taken a loan with a money lender and believes that this is how the alleged loanshark  got hold of his details.

In the messages, he threatens to kill the Stomper's family and to rape him.

He also sent videos of paint splattered doors and a photo of a coffin and said that someone would come down to the Stomper's home.

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Thankfully, the Stomper didn't fall for it.

He said:

"I waited all day and nobody came.

"I just want to let people know about this to be careful and avoid getting scammed.

"I think these kind of scammers get people to give them money by scaring them and will definitely return for more."

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