Chinese grandma, baby rescued from sweltering locked car after family row

A one-year-old toddler and an elderly woman had to be rescued from a locked car that was parked under the blazing day heat in China recently.

The woman's daughter allegedly locked them in the car after a family row, a newspaper reported.

Jiangxi police had to break into the car with hammers to rescue the duo, reports South China Morning Post.

The pair was locked in an Audi Q7 while on a family outing.

The two trapped passengers began suffocating when the afternoon temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius.

The elderly woman tried to call her daughter to let them out of the car, but was not able to reach her. 

She subsequently called her other family members and the traffic police for help.

The daughter told traffic police that the car was not hers and immediately hung up and turned the phone off.

Police officers used multiple hammers to break the car windows to free the trapped passengers.

The baby was reportedly drenched in sweat and unable to speak.

His mother allegedly blamed herself many times for this incident and thanked officers for their efforts.

But netizens expressed anger over her actions.

"Was this woman trying to kill them?" one person wrote.

Another said: "Good on them for breaking the car windows."