Chinese company offers staff $20 for every kilogram they lose

Losing weight is the exact opposite of gaining weight: Difficult and miserable.

However, a company in Xi'An, China has started an amazing initiative to encourage its employees to get healthy.

The consulting company is paying them 100 yuan ($20.40) for every kilogram they lose.

According to ChinaNews, the programme was started to encourage those who wanted to lose weight but lacked the motivation to go through with it.

To qualify, the employees must lose at least three kilograms first.

One employee has earned 2000 yuan ($407) after losing 20 kilograms in just two months.

"I used to eat meat every single meal. Now, I only have mushrooms and eggs for lunch," she told ChinaNews.

The boss revealed that since starting the incentive programme, more than half of his staff have participated and that he has given away more than 10,000 yuan ($2,034).

However, there is one person who the programme has not worked for: The boss.

"The results of the programme has exceeded my expectations," he added. "But the programme hasn't worked for me. I don't even qualify for the bonus yet."