Celebrity hairdresser Addy Lee loses thousands along with identification documents after bag gets picked in Italy

Celebrity hairdresser Addy Lee and his two assistants ran into trouble when their bag was picked while touring Italy. 

Addy who was in Italy for work expressed on social media:

“Someone picked a few thousand dollars from my wallet.

“My credit cards, identification cards, ATM cards were in there as well.

“Left without a cent on me!”

He also told a friend that he ‘had nothing left’ and was very upset. 

Good friend Quan Yi Fong told reporters that Addy contacted her on Monday night (Mar 13), reports Lianhe Wanbao

She also said that she has always told him to be careful, and he hasn't lost anything to date. 

According to Quan Yi Fong, Addy Lee and his assistants had visited the Milan Cathedral on Monday.

One of the assistants carried Addy’s pouch in his bag.

The bag measured about 20 cm by 13 cm and contained all of Addy’s possessions, including a few thousand dollars, a passport, identification card, credit cards and ATM cards. 

Before the incident, Addy had reportedly told his assistants to be vigilant and mindful of their belongings.

However, after the trio finished touring the cathedral,  they discovered that the assistant’s bag had been opened, and Addy’s pouch had disappeared.