Angry Malaysian passenger complains about serious bedbug infestation on express coach service from KL to JB

An angry Malaysian passenger onboard a coach from StarMart Express Coach services has posted pictures on his Facebook page, depicting the severe bedbug infestation on the vehicle.

Facebook user Yuvaraj Sivanathan shared the harrowing experience when he and several other passengers were bitten by bedbugs during their journey from Kuala Lumpur to Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru yesterday (Jan 15), onboard the bus with registration number AJB6666, reports World of Buzz

According to Yuvaraj, there were about 10 passengers onboard the bus at the point, and three hours into the journey, he had found at least two bedbugs crawling around his seat.

Worse still, the bus had broken down halfway into the journey at around 4am, and the company had to send another bus to ferry the stranded passengers to the terminal. 

He also alleged that three other passengers found bedbugs on their seats as well. 

Said the dissatisfied customer:

“It was a bad trip for me.

“Nearly three hours in, we all suffered bites from bedbugs.

"Worse still, the bus broke down at around 4am and they had to send another bus.”

Yuvaraj also posted several pictures of the bites he had received on stomach and legs, alleging that five other passengers were also bitten. 

Yuvaraj stated that he intends to lodge an official complain with the company.

A spokesman for the company, Mr Nathan, added that the company’s buses undergo strict routine pest-control inspections every six months.

However, he appealed for passengers that passengers who had encountered the bedbugs to report to the company directly so it may take necessary remedial action as soon as possible.