43-year-old Li Bingbing admits to dating man 16 years her junior after being spotted kissing at beach

43-year-old actress Li Bingbing was recently photographed kissing a mysterious man.

Afterward, Li Bingbing posted a romantic photo of the couple, publicly acknowledging her relationship status.

According to reports, her boyfriend, Hsu Wen Nan (許文楠), is 16 years her junior and is a senior manager at an investment company.

The pair have been romantically linked since last year, reports JayneStars.

While Bingbing was filming in Hainan Island earlier, Wen Nan brought Bingbing’s family to visit her on the set.

Excited to see each other, the couple could not resist hugging and kissing on the beach.

The photo she posted on social media shows the couple gazing lovingly at each other in matching white t-shirts at the beach. 

Li Bingbing also wrote, “Everything has been arranged in the best way.”