2-year-old girl in China falls 18 floors and dies after kid makes her take lift up on her own

A two-year-old girl died after falling from the 18th floor of a building in Changsha, China, on July 3 following an act of mischief.

According to ChinaGate, she and two other children aged four and five were first captured on CCTV in a lift of the building.

The buttons for the 9th and 18th floor were pressed, and the lift went up.

After the lift reached the 9th floor, the trio walked out. The five-year-old child however, carried the two-year-girl back into the lift. He and the other child then watched as the lift doors closed with the girl inside.

After reaching the 18th floor, the girl made her way out of the lift. She then fell onto the first-floor terrace of the building through a gap in the building and died, reported The Daily Mail

According to People's Daily Online, an investigation showed that the 18th floor lacked a protective guardrail and has no protective glass, leaving the building open to the outside.

Police investigations are ongoing.