Student nurse's heartbreaking Facebook post shows the struggle medical staff face daily

A desperate confession from a student nurse on Support for Nurses, Midwives and Frontline Staff in Ireland's Facebook page went viral, garnering more than 10,000 likes. 

According to The Independent via UNILAD, the student nurse, who is also a single mother, described herself as ‘a really wore out student nurse on the brink of giving up’.

In the heartbreaking Facebook post, the student nurse shared how she cannot afford to pay for her car, petrol, electricity, and her child’s school books.

She then went on to say how bus drivers spend 4 to 6 weeks training and still are paid more than a nurse who is doing a 4-year degree. 

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"And what’s worse? When I qualify I will still be struggling and getting paid f*** all!" the student nurse lamented. 

The nurse ends her post with three sad questions: "How are we as nurses expected to look after others if we cannot look after ourselves? Why does the government not care about us? Why are we so undervalued?"

So often we hear about the hardships of being a student doctor or nurse, but rarely do we know of the reality as painfully as this.

You can take a look at the Facebook post in the gallery above.