Woman cries after younger brother surprises her with RM2,400 Lumix camera that she's been eyeing

A woman in Malaysia had been considering whether to get a pricey Lumix camera, but her younger brother beat her to it and purchased it for her as a gift.

Facebook user Everie Bong recounted the incident online and shared how she was left in tears by his unexpected gesture.

According to Everie, a friend had been recommending the Panasonic Lumix GF9, its user-friendliness, pretty appearance and zooming capabilities to her.

An online search shows that the camera costs RM2,399 after it was launched earlier in March.

Everie then mentioned her intention of buying the device to her mother, who later told Everie's younger brother, Jing.

Jing offered to fork out RM1,500 as an early birthday present for her, but Everie said she did not pay much heed to what he had said then.

She described facing a dilemma on whether to buy the camera, as she could not bear to part with so much money.

Eventually, she made up her mind to get it the next day and asked Jing what colour looked the best.

"In the end, what I got was not an answer about the colour, but my tears," she wrote.

A screenshot that Everie shared shows how she had been asking Jing for his opinion, only for him to reply, "I have already bought it for you, idiot. It's at home."

She replied him with a photo of her tear-filled eyes.

She continued in her post, "We have always been close since young. Whatever he wanted, I would pay half for him so that he could buy it. Now that he has earning power, and know that I can't bear to buy the camera, he bought it for me.

"Now that I am a mother, he still dotes on me the same. I did not dote on him in vain.

"It's so good to have such a brother. Jing Bong, thank you, love you.

"This feels like a dream come true. Even now, I still can't believe it."