Brother asks younger sister, 19, to lend him money for new phone -- but what she did instead made him cry

How would your react if someone asked to borrow over a thousand dollars from you to purchase a new gadget?

We would probably be hesitant, regardless of who the borrower might be.

However, for a 19-year-old girl in Malaysia, not only did she have no qualms about lending her older brother a significant amount of cash, she even went one step further by gifting him a brand new iPhone 7 Plus.

Ho Tim Man wrote on Facebook about how his sister, Ching Yee had bought him the new phone after his iPhone 5S became faulty, even though he had only wanted to temporarily borrow some money from her.

Here is his post, translated from Mandarin:

"Today, I'm not trying to brag about anything, but I just want to share with everyone the story of how a sister gave her brother a phone.

"My sister is barely 19 years old and a basketballer. Since young, I have never needed to worry about her. She is bubbly, cheerful, independent and the apple of our eye.

"She has never once complained to us about her tough training, she doesn't tell us even when she is injured or has suffered some injustice, because she doesn't want us to worry.

"Yesterday, my iPhone 5S became spoilt and I didn't want to fix it, because it has already been repaired three times and a lot of its parts have started to become problematic. So I wanted to switch to an Oppo phone which costs a few thousand dollars.

"As I am studying in university, I have not enough money but do not want to ask my parents for it. After all, they are already having a hard enough time.

"Hence I planned to borrow some money from my sister and promised to return it within the year (because after graduating this year, I would be able to work and repay the money).

"However, she readily agreed without saying anything else and even asked when I wanted the money.

"I asked if tonight was okay (because I planned to buy the Oppo phone tomorrow). She said okay and told me to look for her after 9 o'clock (she lives in a dormitory). But when it was 9, I was unable to leave as something had cropped up and told my sister that I would drop by the following afternoon.

"Suddenly, she sent me a photo of an iPhone 7 Plus. At first, I thought she was pulling a prank on me, which left me thirsty with hope, and I even told her to stop joking with me. Afterwards, she sent me a photo of the iPhone 7 Plus receipt.

"I was stunned, the first thing I felt was not happiness or excitement, but to cry because I was so touched.

"I dropped everything and drove to find her. On the way there, she even told me to drive slow and not speed.

"i was moved to tears because I was reminded about how since young, my sister had never taken pocket money from our family, went to live in the dormitory by herself and depended on herself for everything. Even the money needed to get her driving license, she settled it on her own.

"Previously, she had used her Samsung S4 for ages but could not bear to change it (she's currently using my dad's second-hand Samsung S6).

"Yet she used the money that she had scrimped and saved to buy an iPhone 7 Plus costing over RM4,000 for this brother of hers.

"Having a sensible sister like you is my honour. I have never thought of myself as a good brother, I have only been trying my best to live up to the responsibilities of a brother.

"Thank you for your present! My dearest sister!"