Rare peregrine falcon seen feasting on rooftop of Punggol Place block

Submitted by Stomper NewAge

Stomper NewAge was looking at crows feasting on the rooftop of block 274A of Punggol Place on Friday (Feb 17) evening when he spotted something unusual.

A rare peregrine falcon was seated a distance away from the group of crows.

According to the Stomper, the crow was also feasting on something, and believes the crows were trying to take bits of its meal.

"At one point when it raised its head up it got a piece of what looked like some meat in its beak and swallowed," said NewAge.

"I believe it was tearing meat from its prey while the crows tried to have a share of it.

"This is really a very rare sighting for a peregrine to have perched and feasted at the rooftop of a HDB block.

"I really wonder what it was feasting on and could the strong wind have forced the peregrine to change its behaviour and habitat?"