Love Story: High school sweethearts' interracial relationship has been going strong for 10 years

Lance and Niko have known each other since they were in primary school and have spent almost every phase of their life together: From primary school to high school, then college and work.

They have been together since they were 14 years old.

After 10 years together, surviving the ups and downs and growing their love for each other day by day the couple are planning on getting married next year.

This is Lance's entry for Stomp's Valentine's Day Love Story contest:

"This is my love story, the love story of Niko and Lance.

"We've been together for 10 years now. That's right, 10 years. While it might seem to be a shocker for most people out there, I on the other hand feel that it's a blessing that has kept us together till today.

"Our love story started in high school. That is not the first time I knew her though, as we were also from the same primary school as well.

"But we only really got to know each other from high school.

"It was not love at first sight. We were like cats and dogs in school. I “bullied” her, competed against each other and played around in school. We argued a lot till one day, without knowing, I developed a crush on her.

"Those moments that I've spent with her made me realise that I had fallen in love with her.

"With all the arguments and tension between us, something sparked. I finally realized that I had fallen in love with her. Then, everything changed.

"Niko is my first love. I had no prior experience nor been with anyone else before.

"Thus, I was really shy when this whole thing started out, I didn't know what to do.

"I even requested my friend to get her number for me. I confessed my love for her through phone because I didn't have the courage to tell her in person. I was afraid that things might turn out ugly and we might not even get to be friends anymore. It did get awkward between us after I confessed my love to her. No more talking, no more playing around. Things got worse when our friends started to notice the weird vibe between us.

"Did she accept my love at first? Sadly, No.

"We went on as I continued to “kao” her till one day she finally accepted me.

"What was her concern? I can't say I really know. Maybe it was the fact that she was still too young to be dating, parents or the fact that I'm an Indian and she is a Chinese? Yup, we are a Indian-Chinese couple. It didn't really matter to me. The only thing mattered to me was that she accepted my love and made me a very happy guy.

"Niko is one of a kind, well at least to me she is. She is very cute, sweet and lovely. She gets excited and happy with the smallest things.

"For example, when I made her a card or when I brought her out for her favorite cartoon show, she would feel happy throughout the day.

"There's once, she didn't get to take pictures with the Minions at Universal Studios Singapore and she cried. I felt so bad. Taking pictures with the Minions was one of the reasons we went to USS again. Yup, that's her favorite cartoon character, Minions. I ended up buying her a minion doll just to cheer her up. She is also thrifty. She scolded me and asked why I wasted money to buy the Minion doll.

"At times, she can also be very stubborn and fierce. Only with me. She always scolds me for spending too much money, not allowing me to buy stuff for her. But all these are the reasons why I love her very much. She has been that way ever since we knew each other and even until today, nothing's changed.

"Our first two to three years together were rough. We've had ups and downs in our relationship. I can't deny that there were even times where I wanted to let her go. Don't get me wrong. It's wasn't because I had found someone else or stopped loving her. It was only because I felt that I was not good enough for her. I thought that she deserved better. But everything worked out well and we are still happily together till today.

"You will always see us together, most of the time. Even when we go out with our friends or colleagues for food or to travel, we usually only consider if we are able to attend together. I guess we are just so used to being together.

"We practically grew up together. We were in the same primary and high school by fate.

"We also attended the same college and started our first job in the same company.

"We have travelled to many different places together. Like I said, we are always together. Sometimes I think that, it annoys our friends. Then again, what matters is us. There is nothing more that I could have wished for, than to be able to spend time with her.  

"We are both 24 years old now. We've been together since we' were 14. 

"We are planning to tie the knot at the age of 25, one year from now.

"I am so excited and hopefully, I am able to save enough to prepare a dream wedding for her.

"Niko has been asking me the reason why I fell in love with her back then in high school. I was avoiding the question as I wanted to save the answer for a special occasion so here you go.

"Hi Niko, the reason I fell in love with you is because of who you are and how your presence has affected my life.

"Since the day I knew you, just seeing you every day in school made me happy.

"I started dreaming about you and me together. I was attracted to the way you sulk every time I “bullied” you. Cuteness overload.

"I love how you enjoy the little things I do for you and think they are big. 

"Whenever I was down, you being there is enough to cheer me up. You just make me happy.

"We've been through a lot together. Since high school, college, work and now we've finally moved in together.

"Growing up together with you has been the best experience in my life.

"I'm a better person now because of you. I know I'm not a perfect boyfriend. But I promise you that I will do my best to love and care for you always and keep you happy by my side forever.

"My only prayer is that we will be together till the end of our lives.

"You will always be my one and only love.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Baby."

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