Love Story: I met him on social media, and never thought our relationship would last to this day

Submitted by Stomper Syakila

Syakila first met Aaron on social media, and never thought that this would lead to a relationship that would last to this day.

But their love has stayed strong, and she shares her story with Stomp:

"I met my husband on social media, though I never thought that we will make it till today.

"Aaron and I had been dating for almost three years before we decided to take the relationship further.

"Within those three years, we faced lots of obstacles, but Aaron was patient and did not give up on our relationship.

"He has always been the supportive and encouraging pillar of mine that never collapses.

"We went through the hard times together when we were in difficult situations and nobody was around us.

"Nobody saw us cry and felt the pain that we went through. Last year, I gave birth to our baby, who was named after him.

"I remember the most effort that he put in for me was when I was pregnant.

"He endured through my pregnancy blues and never mentioned that he was tired when accompanying me for my check-ups.

"In June last year, we got married.

"We thank the faith for bringing us together despite the hard times during our relationship and we are now living happily under our own roof.

"My love for him will never stop and nothing can describe the things that he has done for me.

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