Love Story: He saved me after I lost both my parents and our son who was supposed to get a liver transplant from him

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Anuradha went through dark times after the deaths of her parents and her second son, but her husband Kumar was there for her throughout everything, bringing colour and hope back into her life.

Kumar had also agreed to donate his liver to their second child, who unfortunately passed away before arrangements before could be made.

Anuradha's touching tale has deeply moved our judges, who are crowning her as the top prize winner of Stomp's V-Day Love Story 2017 contest. The full results will be announced separately later.

Here is her contest entry in full:

"When I was abandoned in a desert, there came a lending hand to shadow me to the last breath of my life.

"This is none other than my hubby, my Valentine, Ghs Kumar, who made me laugh... wiped my tears... hugged me tight... watched me succeed... seen me fail... cheered me on... kept me going strong... And drove me little crazy at times... With a promise that he will be a friend forever! My Valentine is the best in the world!! My best friend ever!!!!

"These lines are very apt to say something about my husband.

"The situation when we newly married 20 years ago was that I had lost my father suddenly and my mother became paralysed because of the shock.

"As there was no one to take care of my mother and sister, he assured me that he would brighten my cloudy days and chase away the rain. He used to patiently travel for six hours every weekend to see me in my mother's place for two years until my mother passed away.

"Later he supported in arranging a good bridegroom for my sister as it became a responsibility after my father's death.

"Then we had a boy who was good in health. the time I was recovering from all the dark days, I conceived for the second time and we had a boy with liver problems.

"He was to get an organ transplant from my husband, who had agreed to donate his liver to him. This is something that needs a lot of courage, patience and sacrifices of life. But before all arrangements were made, our son passed away.

"All these made me go into depression and that was the time when my husband showered even more concern on me by taking me to meditation classes, helping me in housework, sitting beside me to watch comedy movies, cracking jokes, and cheering me on into doing my graduation and achieving a gold medal. All these just to see a smile on my face and get me out of depression.

"Besides, he is a sole breadwinner for his big family of nine siblings who shouldered his responsibilities and worked his fingers to the bone.

"With several ups and downs in life, he always encouraged me by telling me that our days ahead are filled with nothing but rainbows and kaleidoscopic colours. He is the sunshine of my life who renewed hope back into love.

"Honey, let us continue our journey of life, stepping ahead and looking into each other's eyes, our hearts filled with expressions and the air filled with love."

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