Love Story: From demanding and troublesome customer to the love of my life

Submitted by Stomper Jun Xiang

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When Jun Xiang first met his wife in 2011, he would never have imagined eventually marrying her.

They first met when she was a regular customer at K Box Cineleisure where he worked as a server.

Their initial tension was overcome by love and understanding and the couple now have two beautiful children together.

Over time, there has been some distance between them but Jun Xiang hopes that his wife Everyn will accept his efforts to change and make things right again.

This is his entry for Stomp's Valentine's Day Love Story contest:

"This love "blessing" story started back in 2011 when our fates brought us to become friends at K Box Cineleisure.

"When my wife, Everyn was 18-years-old, she was a regular customer at K Box and I was just a junior server.

"Our first meeting was normal but unconventional because at first, I was quite annoyed whenever she came to K Box with her friends.

"She was one of the most demanding and troublesome customers I have ever met in my life in the service line.

"From requesting different room sizes to adding and deducting the number of people who would karaoke and requesting for time extensions, she made me scared to serve her but I was so 'fortunate' to always be serving her section every time she came.

"Over time, our communication and understanding improved and we soon became friends.

"After just a month into our friendship, we began to date and met regularly to watch movies and sing.

"I still remember our first date was at the Esplanade."

"We had become a couple in a short period of time and since then, we transitioned from single life to couple life together.

"My temper and attitude became a main issue in our on-and-off-again relationship but she didn't even give up on me.

"After three years together, we decided to get married in 2013 and have two lovely kids, one National Day baby who is three years old and a Children's Day baby who is one.

"I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank and apologise to my wife for my immature mindset that made our marriage unstable and in crisis mode since last November.

"To my great, lovely wife, Mrs Low Everyn Chen, getting to know you back in 2011 was an incredible and unbelievable moment in my life as I would never believe I could have any fate or bliss to have someone like you be my loved one.

"Although our relationship progressed fast and we faced different uncertainties, because of your 'never give up' spirit we were able to move forward hand-in-hand.

"In 2013, we were married and you were just 20 years old.

"Your peers were still in 'playing' mode but you chose to be my life partner.

"Since then, you have given our family two lovely sons and you are an awesome young mummy.

"I knew you had to go through a lot of unpleasantness because of you were mostly alone handling family matters and my childish behaviour but you were and still are so strong spirited to hang on.

"I really appreciate all that you done for this marriage and family.

"At the same time, I would like to express my stupidity and immature life moments towards you.

"For the past few years,I have never really helped out, understood or appreciated your efforts towards me but again and again you were willing to forgive me and continue to sacrifice your youth for me and this family.

"I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to you even though you said it is too late but still, I owe you a sincere apology, it was all my fault for failing to realise my fault for so long.

"Our relationship has since turned cold.

"I completely understand I have not a single point right to blame her because I am the sole person to blame for this 'freezing point'.

"She has done more that what she should as a young wife but instead of getting a warm response from her husband, she received coldness towards her selfless efforts with this marriage and family life.

"Mrs Low Everyn, I truly suck& and I'm completely sorry for what I did to you for the past few years and I fully agree you do not deserve that at all.

"This relationship has been running for six years and I'm honoured and grateful to have her in my life because without her I would not be able to have a fruitful family life like now and above everything, I want my wife to witness that for the rest of our lives, I will give up everything I insisted on in the past.

"This is not sad for me but an honour for me to do for my wife Mrs Low.


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