Woman buys $60 dress -- only for it to stain her Hermes bracelet, leather sofa and skin

Submitted by Stomper Isabelle

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You would expect a dress that you spent $60 to be comfortable and of good quality, right?

Not in Stomper Isabelle's case, however.

She had bought a black dress for around $60 in December 2016, and only wore it for the first time recently.

To her dismay, the dye from her dress ran and stained numerous places as well as items that she had contact with.

Said the Stomper:

"Bad bad bad experience with MDS Collections! Ladies, please be warned in case you go through the same ordeal I had!

"I wore a black dress that I bought from MDS and to my horror, it actually stained/dyed many of my items including my light-colored leather sofa, Hermes leather bracelet, phone casing and my skin as well!

"I emailed the team and was utterly disappointed by how they handled the situation. There was a complete lack of responsibility over the inferior quality -- they said that the dress was an old stock and quality may have 'deteriorated' over time and requested that I send the dress back to get a refund.

"After I replied to show my dissatisfaction about their 'service', they offered me a grand total of a $10 voucher for 'service recovery'. I told them to keep the $10.

"Please see attached images of the damage caused by the dress."

Isabelle also expressed shock over the item's quality and cautioned others to be careful when making apparel purchases.