What happens when you go against traffic, and come up against a CISCO truck

A video circulating online shows a 'show-down' between a Certis CISCO truck and a black car that went against traffic at Yung Ho Road.

The video uploaded on Singapore Buses first shows the driver of Certis CISCO truck trying to enter a lane after going across a road junction.

His or her path however was blocked by a black car that was travelling against the flow of traffic.

Both vehicles remained stationary for a few seconds.

The driver of the black car then conceded to the Certis CISCO truck in the 'Yung Ho show-down', reversing his or her car to give way to the bigger vehicle.

Read a caption on the video:

"Aiyoh, when will the driving-on-the-wrong-direction stop?"

The video has garnered more than 153 shares and 15,000 views since it was uploaded yesterday (Feb 5).