Truck driver claims enforcement officer allegedly refused to give way despite being parked illegally

Submitted by Stomper Revathi

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Stomper Revathi alerted Stomp to a Facebook post where a truck driver claimed that an LTA enforcement officer had parked illegally and then refused to give way.

In the post and comments on the post, the Facebook user said he was trying to turn out of the UOB branch at Boon Lay Place after completing a delivery.

However, as the enforcement officer had parked at the edge of the yellow box at the exit, he was unable to do so.

The Facebook user wrote:

“(The enforcement officer) demanded me to reverse, ignoring that there was a motorbike behind my truck...

“He could have moved his motorbike a little so that I could steer a little to my right and get moving.

“He instead chose to leave his bike there, making the whole scene look as if I was being stubborn, and proceeded to take pictures of my truck.

“How come he has the right to make things difficult for me by parking as shown in the photo and demanding me to reverse in a threatening "I have the right to summon you" manner?”