Tanya Chua and French chef split after short-lived romance

Chen Jingwen
March 3, 2017

Spunky Mandopop star Tanya Chua and her French boyfriend have reportedly called it quits on their short-lived romance, reported Lianhe Wanbao today.

The news came as a surprise to supportive fans and the media, who were celebrating their Parisian-style relationship with the couple on social media only months ago.

The most telling sign of the break-up was the recent disappearance of their lovey-dovey photo together from her Instagram account.

The Singaporean singer, who had kept mum on the split, told the media less than six months ago that she was seeing pastry chef Johann Martin, an instructor at Bellouet Conseil School in Paris, where she did a baking course.

She even gushed about how good looking he was then. Their romance received much media attention as Chua, 42, had been single for many years.

Judging from the cheery photos on her latest Facebook posts on her holiday in Italy, Chua doesn't seem to be moping over the break-up.

Known to be strong-willed, Chua had told the media before: "I'm not sitting at home and crying my eyes out because I don't have a boyfriend. That's not how women are supposed to be represented - there are other things we can do to feel worthwhile."

The award-winning singer previously dated Austrian musician-producer Bernhard "Lupo" Groinig and Singaporean composer-producer Eric Ng.