Shopper shocked to see large rat in bread stand at Bedok North convenience store

Submitted by Stomper Mahalingam

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Stomper Mahalingam was shocked to see a large rat running around on the bread stand at a convenience store in Bedok North Street 3 Block 539 at 8pm on Sunday (Jan 29).

The Stomper was topping up his EZ-Link card at an ATM there when he noticed two girls looking at the bread stand with frightened expressions.

Upon checking, he realised the girls were looking at a large rat at the bread stand.

"The rat was eating the bread at the Cheers outlet," said Mahalingam.

"I took these pictures to alert the public.

"Perhaps shopkeepers should keep the bread inside the shop, as rats seem to eat these things often.

"Please check the expiry dates and any damage to the bread when buying."