Shocking video shows runaway lorry hitting man before knocking guy who runs in front of it

A shocking CCTV clip of a runaway lorry squashing a worker onto another lorry has been circulating on social media today (Mar 16).

The footage was posted by Hclee Lee on Facebook, and the time-stamp on the clip shows Aug 19, 2016.

The video shows a lorry rolling forward and trapping a worker between it and a lorry parked in front of it.

A man runs to the driver's side of the runaway lorry and gets into the seat, attempting to hit the brakes.

However, the lorry continues to jerk forward, pushing the trapped man, the lorry in front and another van forward.

The man who was trapped between the vehicles manages to get freed during this.

However, another man who runs in front of the van ends up getting trapped between the two vehicles.

The vehicles come to halt after many other workers rush out.

It is unclear what happens to the second man who was trapped.

The first man who got squashed is seen lying by the side of the road, clearly in pain.

However, only one person seems to be checking on him.

The others seemed to be huddling in the centre of the road, and it is unclear if anyone is helping the second individual who was hit. 

It is also unclear where this incident took place, although the lorry shows a Singapore company's name, and has a Singapore telephone number written on its door.

In the comments, many netizens questioned why no one was checking on the injured people, but were checking on the lorry instead.

Some also wondered why the second man ran in front of the runaway lorry and ended up getting trapped as well.