Say 'cheese', shoe're caught on camera

Submitted by Stomper Ng

A man was caught on camera stealing shoes outside a HDB unit at Block 26 in Marsiling Drive on May 13 at 3.55am.

In a video that was sent by Stomper Ng, the man clad in a black top and track pants can be first seen coming out of a lift.

He then began looking at footwear outside a HDB unit on his right a few metres away from the lift. Thereafter, he bent down to take a closer look.

After finding a pair of shoes he wanted, he picked them up and hid them under a towel he was holding.

The man then scanned the ceiling of the common area outside his flat, and left the scene by using the stairs.

In an email, Ng told Stomp that this is the third time someone has stolen his shoes.

In the latest incident, a pair of 3-month-old Reebok sports shoes worth around $100 were stolen.