Oooo, Stomper finds 'jetsam and flotsam' on our beaches

Submitted by Stomper Swimmer

Stomper Swimmer was at Sembawang Beach this morning (Jan 3) when he noticed some rather unusual items floating in the water.

Take a closer look at the pictures sent in by the Stomper and you will realise that most of the littered items are food related -- mostly used drink bottles and Styrofoam boxes.

The Stomper suspects that this is the result of the swimmers and picnickers who leave behind their rubbish after their time at the beach/park every weekend.

The Stomper also suspects that some of the items may have come from passing ships, since the beach does face the Straits of Johor.

Said the Stomper:

"I hope  NParks and the  Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore will collaborate to clean up the beach.

"This should not be a problem as the ship repair centre is just around the area at Sembawang Wharves.

"Perhaps NParks could also put up some notices to advise swimmers and picknickers to not litter the beach."

Let us all do our part to keep the environment and our waters clean!