Married S'pore man engages agency to look for maid, later tells maid that intercourse is a 'requirement'

A married Singaporean man went to an agency to look for a maid, but had the audacity to tell the helper that sex with him was a requirement.

Enraged by his indecent proposal, the maid uploaded his messages online as evidence last Saturday (Mar 18), which has since sparked a debate amongst netizens, reports Lianhe Wanbao

In the string of messages, the man initially claimed to require help at home and had retrieved the maid’s number from an agency.

At first, he only requested for the maid to forward him her personal details, but after asking the maid about her starting salary, he started revealing his true intentions. 

In one of his message, the man wrote:

“I don’t like the looks of the other girls, but you look pretty in your photos.

“I have two requirements if you want me to employ you.

“Number one, whatever I say, you must obey.

“Number two, you cannot tell anyone (of the things I ask you to do), especially my wife and the other maids.

“If you do as I ask, I can shower you with gifts and money.”

The man also reassured the maid that he would be able to ‘offer her protection’ if she took up the job.

After that, the man asked that the maid kept the conversation between the two private. 

Puzzled and bewildered by the man’s phrasing, the maid asked the prospective employer to clarify his ‘requirements’.

The man finally came clean, telling her:

“Sometimes, we will have sex, if you’re willing.”

When the maid did not reply after the upsetting message, the man started panicking, and told her:

“I’m not forcing you.

“Tell me your answer after you consider.

“If you’re not willing, I can always look for other girls.”

After the messages were exposed, many netizens openly criticised the man lewd and immoral behaviour.

Said one netizen:

“This man ought to be locked up.”