Limo taxi's front bumper badly damaged after it collides into van along Killiney Rd

Submitted by Stomper Kevin and Lim

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Stompers Kevin and Lim alerted Stomp to an accident that occurred today (May 16) at around 2pm along Killiney Road, in the Somerset area, involving a ComfortDelGro limousine taxi and a van.

The front bumper of the white limousine taxi was badly damaged and pieces of the vehicle can be seen strewn around the area, as seen in the photos they contributed. There is no visible damage to the rear end of the van.

Said Stomper Lim:

"The vehicles were trying to cut into one another's lane and the taxi collided into the van.

"The drivers immediately got out and discussed what had happened. No one seemed to be injured.

"The accident caused a minor jam in the area."