In case you are wondering if police officers in uniform can eat in public... the answer is yes

Some of us may think that uniformed police officers are not allowed to eat in public. However, this is not true.

Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) dispelled the urban myth in a Facebook post on Sunday (Mar 19), saying it is commonplace for residents to see police officers enjoying their meals in coffee shops or fast food joints. 

This not only gives police officers an opportunity to have a well-deserved break from work, but also creates more avenues for the police and residents to interact in an informal setting. 

A netizen who commented on the Hougang NPC post agreed and said:

"They are human and they deserve the right to sit down and have a proper meal."

So, the next time you see a police officer enjoying a plate of nasi lemak at a coffee shop, just remember: it is perfectly fine.