First it was a wasp -- now Hougang resident sees new 'guest' on his 'Guan Gong' statue

Stomper Lau Lup noticed something peculiar on his Guan Gong (God of Righteousness) statue in his Hougang home today (May 2), one day after wasp was seen building a nest on the ornament.

In a WhatsApp message, the Stomper said he saw the wasp placing a caterpillar into the nest it had built.

Videos Lau Lup sent shows the wasp stuffing the wriggling caterpillar into an opening in the nest.

Other than the caterpillar, the Stomper also reported seeing the wasp constructing mounds, which he refers to as 'pots of gold', in bid to expand its nest.

He saw one mound on the statue yesterday and two more new ones today.

Said the Stomper:

"I'm surprised to see the critter with a caterpillar and stuffing it into the mound! 

"Now I learnt what may be in the sealed pot that was built yesterday!

"Maybe it (the nest) is God's indication (or in this case Guan Gong's hint) that I will be rewarded monetarily in my career as the phenomenon unfolded under my very own eyes during Labour Day period. 

"Coincidentally my birthday is also coming soon on May 4."