Driver's 'spider-senses' save him from being hit by cartons of beer at Boat Quay

"My spider-senses are tingling," said Spiderman decades ago.

That phrase probably accurately describes this driver.

While waiting near a lorry unloading beer cartons near a pub at Boat Quay, the driver sensed something was about to go wrong.

And true enough, things soon went quickly downhill.

A clip posted on Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road by Ngoh Jia Xin, on which the timestamp states Saturday (Mar 25), 8.49pm, shows two men unloading multiple cartons of beer from a lorry.

As they bring the load of beer down using the electronic platform at the back of the lorry, the vehicle suddenly jerks.

The car driver, parked nearby, sees this and quickly hits the reverse gear, backing away from the lorry.

As he is doing this, the lorry jerks again, and the entire load of beer comes crashing down to the road.

The two men who were unloading look visibly shocked, trying to figure out if it was an equipment malfunction or human error that caused this.

Netizens, while feeling sorry for the delivery staff, also praised the driver for the evasive action he took.

As they correctly pointed out, if he had simply stayed put, his car would have been hit by the full force of the falling beer cartons.