Driver hits brakes for no reason, tries to enter 'no entry' lane and nearly causes accident in Raffles Place

Submitted by Stomper EK

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Stomper EK was driving home from Raffles Places on Wednesday night (Feb 15) when he encountered a driver who nearly caused an accident after apparently getting lost in the area.

In the video EK sent to Stomp, the silver car in front of the Stomper’s vehicle has just started turning onto Chulia Street from Market Street when the driver suddenly brakes for no apparent reason.

Once on Chulia Street, the driver signals that he is turning right, before attempting to enter a ‘no entry’ lane.

When he realises his mistake, he abruptly cuts into the left lane from the ‘no entry’ lane. A blue car travelling in the left lane is forced to come to a sudden halt in order to avoid a collision.

The driver then weaves back into the right lane, and is then seen hitting on the brakes once again.

EK said:

“I hope all drivers know the routes they are taking and not cause unnecessary dangers to other users on the road.”