Driver appeals for witnesses for hit-and-run accident that cost him $2k in repairs

Submitted by Stomper Andrew

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Stomper Andrew is appealing for witnesses after a hit-and-run accident involving his car that was parked at D'Resort's car park from 10am to 12.15pm on Jan 31.

Andrew had to fork out $2,000 to repair the damage done to his car.

Said the Stomper:

"I parked my car in lot 14 near 10am and as I returned at 12.15pm I found my car was severely damaged by a culprit absent of morals.

"From the paint left on my car, it obviously shows the offender's car is light green, a very unique color.

"I've made a police report and spent $2,000 to repair the damage.

"Hope some other Stomper can help to dig out this coward."

Kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761 if you have any information about the incident.