Cabby claims to have charged JustGrab passenger $4 -- even though he did not pick up or drop her off

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A taxi driver made a Facebook post claiming that he charged a passenger who booked a JustGrab ride even though he drove off without picking her up as she supposedly made him wait for over eight minutes.

Stomper Hero alerted Stomp to the post by the driver, Bart Tan, on the Uber/Grab SG Partners Facebook page.

In his post, Bart said that the passenger had booked a ride with the Reflections at Keppel Bay condominium listed as the pick-up point.

The driver said in his post that the carpark for this condominium was troublesome to get to.

Bart said he informed the rider that he had arrived, and waited for more than five minutes.

The passenger subsequently called him and asked him to wait for two additional minutes.

However, Bart said that he drove off without picking her up after waiting for three minutes.

"Instead of cancelling her trip, which affects my cancel percentage, I pressed pick up and drop off and charged her $4 instead. Anyone done that?"

Bart's post was met with lots of criticisms from other members of the closed Facebook group.

Many slammed him for charging the passenger when he did not pick her up, and others wondered why he would even make a Facebook post about this.

In one of his responses to the comments on his post, Bart said that he drives "both taxi and Uber."

Most of those who responded also told Bart how he could get into trouble if the passenger were to complain about this to Grab.

"If you are the person being cheated how do you feel? LTA any advice?", asked Stomper Hero.