Bukit Panjang shop gets broken into twice in 3 nights: Glass display 'nicely cut' this time

Submitted by Stomper Mikey

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A mobile phone store at Greenridge Shopping Centre in Bukit Panjang was broken into again in the wee hours of May 21, the second time in three nights.

An earlier Stomp article reported that ten mobile phones worth around $12,000 were taken in the first incident, which occurred at around 4am on May 19.

The latest case took place at around 3.55am on Saturday, said Stomper Mikey, the area manager of Mobile 8 Singapore.

He told Stomp that he was "attacked with a second break-in at the same store, same spot", finding his shop's glass display broken again after repairs following the first incident.

"A security guard saw the culprit in a hooded jacket and shouted at him, but he ran off.

"As you can see, it was quite messy previously but this time, the glass had been nicely cut, presumably with a glass-cutter."

Three Huawei phones and three Samsung phones, worth around $5,000 in total, were stolen.

According to Mikey, the culprit had left behind Samsung Galaxy S8, apparently due to a lack of time, as well as dropped another set of the same device during his escape.

Responding to media queries by Stomp, the Police said that they were alerted to a case of housebreaking by night and theft at 524A Jelapang Road on May 21 at 3.55am.

Investigations are ongoing.

It is unclear if the first and second break-ins were both committed by the same person.