Accident waiting to happen: Lorries reversing in and out of narrow road surrounded by people and stalls

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Someone is bound to get seriously hurt sooner or later, judging by how these heavy vehicles are reversing in and out of a narrow road between Blocks 494 and 495 of Jurong West Street 41.

They do so despite the influx of people and rows of market stalls in the area.

A concerned Stomper sent Stomp two videos showing how passers-by have to make way for the lorries when they come through, so that they can reverse and head on to a renovation site nearby.

In a phone interview, the contributor told Stomp that this has been happening almost every day for more than a month.

She said:

"Sometimes the vehicles reverse even when there are behind standing behind.

"I have sent feedback to LTA and the Town Council but this is still happening."