Youths run in mall for TikTok trend: Jurong Point says unsafe activities will not be tolerated

Submitted by Stomper Wei Sien

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A Stomper expressed concern after watching a TikTok video of youths running in Jurong Point shopping mall.

Stomper Wei Sien shared that he watched a video posted by TikToker Runner Kao on Mar 28.

In the video, the TikToker gets Singapore youths to participate in the 'where' trend in which he points and shouts names like 'Taylor Swift' and 'Stray Kids'.

The youths then shout 'Where?!' before turning around. Some then proceed to dash off in the direction Runner Kao points towards.

In one of the clips, a group of schoolgirls are seen running out from an eatery after Runner Kao shouts 'Your cher (teacher)!'

Some of the clips were shot in Jurong Point and Wei Sien told Stomp that he gave feedback to the mall's management on the 'unsafe activities' happening there.

"I told them that this is very unsafe, especially if they hit an elderly or disabled person," he said.

In an email reply seen by Stomp, the mall's customer service associate said that they had reviewed the TikTok video and noted that it was trending. It has since garnered over 800,000 views.

"While it may not precisely depict running around the mall as described, we acknowledged that such activities can have implications for public safety," the customer service associate said.

She added that the mall's security team will enforce measures to ensure that any disruptive or potentially unsafe activities, like those depicted in the video, will not be tolerated within the mall's premises.