The white knight: Young hero helps nab alleged thief at Hougang Mall

Submitted by Stomper Jess

A man apparently turned violent and tried to make a getaway after alleging being caught stealing, but was stopped by a gallant witness.

According to Stomper Jess who saw what happened, the incident took place at Hougang Mall at around 11am yesterday (June 6).

She said that the guy had been caught stealing from a handphone shop and was trying to leave the scene, but was subdued by a young man.

With the help of security personnel, they watched over the alleged thief until police arrived at the scene.

Jess said:

"I am not so sure of what had happened as I was passing by when I saw an incident happening at Hougang Mall. I believe the commotion had been going on for a long time, as there was a large crowd of aunties and uncle over there.

"I happened to check with one of the staff and aunties over there. They told me that this guy had stolen lots of stuff from a handphone shop and the retail girl could not doing anything, because the guy was getting violent.

"Then we saw a young man, who might be working there, coming to the aid and preventing the violent thief from leaving the scene.

"The security guard was nowhere to be seen and so, the thief started to become impatient and wanted to leave the crime scene.

"I could see that the young man was trying to stop the guy from leaving. The guy who stole things became violent and the young man had no choice but to lock him down.

"After the locking down, the security guard took over and the young man could be seem helping the security till the police arrived 30 minutes later."

Jess feels that the young man deserves to be rewarded for his brave act.

Stomp has contacted the Police for more information.