Yishun resident concerned about fire safety after neighbour clutters corridor with plants

Submitted by Stomper John

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Stomper John is concerned that his neighbour of seven years has been placing various objects and potted plants along the corridor, which could pose a fire safety hazard.

John who lives on the 12th storey of Block 618, Yishun Ring Road, told Stomp in a phone interview that he had not confronted his neighbour as they were not on friendly terms.

He chose not to report the case to the authorities out of good will, as he felt that it could cause disharmony among the neighbours.

John took some photos of the cluttered corridor and sent them to Stomp, citing:

“I have put up with his hoarding tendencies for so many years, but he has now crossed the line.

“It is really inconsiderate and dangerous.

“What if there’s a fire? 

“It’ll block off my escape route, and I could trip over the items. 

“I wouldn’t mind if he moved the things over to another corner if it isn’t blocking anyone.”