Yet another monkey seen in Bukit Panjang -- but thankfully this one seems more chill

A Stomper spotted a monkey along Fajar Road in Bukit Panjang today (May 4) near Block 406 at around 5pm.

Typically, seeing a monkey around a HDB estate would not be that big a deal.

However, monkeys in Bukit Panjang have earned themselves a bad name thanks to an infamous primate that had been terrorising residents along Segar Road.

In the past month, several Stompers have reported being attacked by the monkey at different parts of Segar Road.

One resident was even sent to hospital with a gaping wound after he was bitten on his leg by the animal.

Thankfully, a task force formed by representatives from the AVA, Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (Acres) and Wildlife Reserves Singapore, eventually managed to subdue the monkey.

The monkey that the Stomper saw today seems more chill than its counterpart.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper, a resident staying at Block 406, said that it was eating an orange and minding its own business.

The Stomper said that he has also seen the monkey swinging among some tree branches three days ago.

He thinks this monkey is more docile than the one at Segar Road, and does not believe that it will go around attacking people.