Yes this crocodile was at Lim Chu Kang -- but the video was uploaded over a year ago

A large crocodile waiting patiently at a jetty, jaws agape, is a sight right out of your worst nightmare.

And that is exactly what a video being circulated online and on WhatsApp shows.

The clip is accompanied with information that the crocodile was at Lim Chu Kang Jetty, and it is implied that this happened recently.

But a quick check online reveals that the same video was uploaded on YouTube by Daren Khor over a year ago.

The clip was published on April 6, 2016, though it is unclear when exactly the animal was sighted on.

The video shows a person on a boat spotting and filming a large crocodile that is on the jetty.

It appears to be lying on top of a pile of nets, stationary.

The crocodile's sheer size prompts gasps of awe from the people on the boat.

The clip appears to have resurfaced after a crocodile was allegedly spotted swimming in Sembawang waters earlier this week.

In that video, a large crocodile was swimming in the water, ahead of a boat.

When that video went viral, another clip showing a huge crocodile cruising through the water with a pet dog in its jaws started to circulate as well.

The harrowing video was shared with the caption that it also happened in Sembawang.

However, this was not the case, and the crocodile had killed a dog in Mexico.

The clip was first uploaded on April 6, 2015, by a tourist who saw the crocodile in the water with a dog in its mouth.